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New York Latvian Community Calendar

Participate in our Latvian community!

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are home to a vibrant Latvian-American community with many ongoing activities. We invite you to join us.  Click on the following list or page down and read about all activities.

Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York:

This calendar does not list all of the church services held by the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York but this information may be found at www.nydraudze.org. Church services and other events take place in Yonkers NY, Melville (Long Island) NY, Brooklyn NY, Summit NJ, East Orange NJ, Jamaica NY and at the Church Camp "Nometne" in Elka Park NY in the Catskill Mountains.

Latvian Schools are open from September to May or June:

The Bronx School meets at the Yonkers Church on Saturdays from 09:15 to 13:45.For further information write: Laura Zamurs or call (516) 922-8338

The Long Island School meets at the Long Island Church on Sundays from 09:00 to 13:30.For further information write: Zaiga Dūdare-Candela or call (631) 294-7299.

The New Jersey School meets on Saturdays from 09:45 to 14:00 at the Christ Church, 66 Highland Avenue in Short Hills, NJ. A new play group is being formed for children ages 2-4. For further information please visit www.njskola.org or write: Ilze Kancāne, or Linda Zālīte.

The Brooklyn School meets twice a month on Saturdays at the Brooklyn Parsonage. For further information please visit: www.centrelv.com/skola.aspx or write Ilona Vilciņa or call : (718)-332-7510.

Latvian Scouts symbolLatvian Girl Guides symbolLatvian Boy Scouts & Girl Guides:

The New York Rīga 90th Latvian Boy Scouts and Zilais kalns 4th Girl Guides have two active groups. One usually meets about twice a month on Saturdays from 14:00 to 15:30 after Latvian school in Summit NJ (see above). The other meets a little less often on Saturdays after Latvian School at the Long Island Church (see above). For further information about the Latvian Boy Scouts write Inta Sķiņķis and for information about the Latvian Girl Guides write: Kristīna Putenis. See the calendar (below) for dates of other events, weekend and summer camps.

NY Latvian Concert Choir LogoThe New York Latvian Concert Choir

The New York Latvian Concert Choir invites singers to join the choir in spirit and in person. Most of the rehearsals take place at the Yonkers Church, at 11:15 am, immediately after the Sunday church service. For more information, please contact the conductors Andrejs Jansons (201) 201-944-1273 or Laura Zamurs (516) 628-1465. Please also visit: www.nylatvianconcertchoir.org. The choir has resumed intensive practice sessions for 2007. to prepare for several concert programs. The concert calendar for 2008 promises to be just as interesting as the one for 2007. For more detailed information please write the Choir's President Aija Pelše or call (516) 935-0967.

Tautas deju kopas Jumis logoLatvian folk dance group Jumis rehearsals:

The New York Latvian folk dance group Jumis rehearses regularly from fall through spring. Rehearsals usually take place Thursday evenings. All are invited to participate, whether or not you have previous experience with Latvian folk dancing. To find out where rehearsals take place and for other information write: deja@jumis.org or call Kristine Varik (917) 951-4767 or Andris Krumkalns (212) 744-2970 and visit www.jumis.org .

Gleznas p;ardošanā DV namāPaintings For Sale at the DV house.

Click here to read more.

ALA Kultūras vērtību krātuve DV namā.ALA Ethnographic & Cultural Collection at Priedaine, NJ.

Click here to read more.

NATO FlagBaltic Flags at the White HouseSupport Baltic interests by contacting your elected representatives!

Pressure from Latvian-Americans is still needed to defend the interests of Latvia and Latvian-Americans before US government bodies. This includes US aid for the Baltic militaries. Please visit www.alausa.org , www.jbanc.org and www.bafl.com  

Support the Victims of Communism memorial in Washington DC.

Please visit: www.victimsofcommunism.org


A.L.A. Infogram:

Please visit www.alausa.org .

An invitation to help Mārcis Braunfelds and his family

For three generations, and counting, the Braunfelds family has been an important part of the New York Latvian community. As many of you may have heard Mārcis Braunfelds is suffering from a recurrence of a brain tumor. As he was self-employed and the only provider for his family but is now unable to work, those who can afford to, are asked to help his family cover Marcis' medical and other expenses. A fund has been set up for this purpose:
Braunfelds Medical Fund
c/o Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 95
South Boston, MA 02127
Tel. (617) 269-1450
You may also write to Mārcis and his family to show your support and read the latest news on how he is doing, by visiting www.carepages.com To access Marcis' page you will have to set up profile which takes less than five minutes, so please don't let this deter you. 

The Soviet Story

Let's urge our local PBS television stations to broadcast The Soviet Story

On October 11, 2009, PBS (public broadcasting) television stations throughout the United States will have access to The Soviet Story, the award-winning and highly acclaimed documentary film by Edvīns Šnore.

The film's distributor Daris Delins notes: "We have reached another important milestone in the distribution of the film. Via PBS distributor NETA (National Educational Telecomunications Association – www.netaonline.org ) the film will now be accessible to NETA's 172 licensees that comprise 340 public broadcasting television stations across the United States. Each of these PBS stations will now be able to screen the film. Even before NETA approached us we had received very positive feedback from PBS member stations who had viewed the film. Given PBS stations are very selective about what they screen, NETA's acceptance of the film is an important acknowledgement of the film and its potential audience reach. Many Americans will be now be able to learn about this important period of history and how it still resonates today."

The first PBS station in the U.S. scheduled to air the film will be WDSC 15 Daytona Beach, Florida, on October 15 at 9:00 pm. WHYY 12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and WLRN 17 in Miami, Florida, will screen the film on November 20, and KVIE 2 in Sacramento, Callifornia on January 23, 2010. Other PBS member stations that have also already expressed their interest to screen the film include: KAET 8, Phoenix, Arizona;  KPBS 15, San Diego, California;  WEDU 13, Tampa, Florida; WTIU 30  Bloomington, Indiana;  IPTV, Iowa Public TV, Iowa; MPT (Maryland Public TV), Maryland; NHPTV (New Hampshire Public TV), New Hampshire, and WNED, Buffalo, New York. Following the NETA release, more stations are expected to follow, particularly as viewers get news that the film is accessible by their local station.

Overseas, in the coming months the film will be screened on national TV in Greece (ERT), Italy (Fox), Poland (TVP) and Spain (History Channel). In Sweden the national network SVT will screen the film on December 5. The film has already aired on national TV in Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Ukraine.

At the end of 2009 a 2nd edition DVD of the film will be released. This new DVD will include additional subtitled languages including: Belarussian, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Portguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Turkish, and Vietnamese. This will bring the total number of foreign language translations for the film to 28.

To learn more about the film, to see the trailer, or to purchase the DVD, please visit www.sovietstory.com. For screening enquiries and distribution opportunities, please email: films@perrystreetadvisors.com or call +1-917-402-2853.

New York area Latvian-Americans and their friends are urged to write letters or call Channel 13 WNET and Channel 21 WLIW to urge these stations to show The Soviet Story. If you are member supporters of these stations or even if you just a regular viewer please make mention of that fact. The appropriate officers to contact at Channel 13 are Mr. Neal Shapiro, President and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. John Sefakis, Programming Scheduling & Acquisitions. The address for both is WNET Channel 13, 450 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001-2605, tel. (212) 560-1313. More convenient but perhaps less effective is using the "Contact" web page http://www.wnet.org/about/contact/ . The appropriate officers to contact at Channel 21 are Mr. John Servidio, Acting General Manager, and Mr. David Rubinsohn, Director of Programming. The address for both is WLIW Channel 21, 450 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001, tel. (212) 560-8021. More convenient but perhaps less effective is using the "Contact" web page: www.wliw.org .

Would you like to play chess?

The Chess section of the New York chapter of the Daugavas Vanagi would like to renew its activities. Practice sessions under the direction of experts as well as friendly games will be held at the DV House. Meeting times will be set by mutual consent. Parking is available for your car in the enclosed DV House lot. If you are interested please contact the chess section coordinator Dr. Vilnis Vīksne - tel. (718) 220-8191, or e-mail vilnisv@verizon.net .

Latvian handicrafts now available at the United Nations Gift Centre

UN Gist Centre - A&L Mestardarbnīca "Cepļi"UN Gist Centre - Straupe

The representatives of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in the USA have organized displays of the products of two Latvian makers of handicrafts - A&L Mestardarbnīca "Cepļi" and "V.I. Straupe" at the United Nations Gift Centre at UN. Headquarters in New York. Enter through the visitors' entrance at First Avenue and 46th Street. Open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm (closed weekends in January and February).

Survey of Latvians, Livs and citizens of Latvia currently living abroad

The aim of this survey is to inquire Latvians / Livs and citizens of Latvia, who currently live abroad, about the possibility of returning to Latvia for permanent residence. The research is being conducted by consulting company Aksedo under the authority of The Secretariat of the Special Assignments Minister for Social Integration Affairs. The study will be based on views and information provided by members of Latvian / Livs’ communities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, the UK, and Ireland.
We would be grateful if you could share your experience about maintaining relations with Latvia and express your opinion about possibility of repatriation / remigration as well as the factors that influence this opinion (including existing obstacles and suggestions how to overcome them).
Thank you in advance for your participation and time. Please click on the following link: http://aksedo.e-formas.lv/forms/381 .

The Ball in honor of Latvia's 90th Anniversary was a great success!

The ball took place Friday, Nov. 21, 2008 at 19:00 at the 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street (at Fifth Avenue just north of Rockefeller Center), New York NY. It was hosted by the Permanent Mission of Latvia to the United Nations, the Honorary Consulate of Latvia in New York and the Council of American-Latvian Organizations in New York. Here are few photos.

Group photo of the Latvia's 90th Anniversary Ball 11-23-2008
Polonaise at the Latvia's 90th Anniversary Ball 11-23-2008
Polonaise at the Latvia's 90th Anniversary Ball 11-23-2008

You can order Latvian Books from the "Saulaine Book Barn"

(in Latvian "Saulaines grāmatu klētiņa"). The "Saulaines grāmatu klētiņa" is a part of the St. John's Church congregation in Toronto camp Saulaine (see  www.campsaulaine.com) All books have been donated, all work is done by volunteers and all donations and proceeds benefit the maintaining of Camp Saulaine. We can ship orders anywhere! Please send us your book and author want lists. we have thousands of books! Please conatct Kristīne Stivriņa stivrins@hotmail.com, tel. (705) 424-6226.

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