Daugavas Vanagi EmblemCome and our ranks in the
Daugavas Vanagi chapter of New York!

  1. Fill in the application form (below) on your computer, then print it out and sign in the space provided;

  2. If you wish to become an annual member your first year dues payment is $26
    ($1 initiation fee + $15 yearly DV-USA dues + $10 yearly New York DV house upkeep).
    If you wish to become a DV-USA life member your first year dues payment is $161
    ($1 initiation fee + $150 DV-USA one time life dues + $10 yearly New York DV house upkeep) 

  3. To subscribe to the quarterly bulletin DV Mēnešraksts, add an additional $31.

  4. Make your check or money order payable to "Daugavas Vanagi"

  5. Send your check with your completed and signed application form to:
    Latvian Welfare Association, Inc.
    115 West 183rd Street
    Bronx, NY 10453-1103

    If you have any questions contact the membership coordinator Ludvigs Keggi luke9@optonline.net , tel. (914) 968-7556 or any other DV New York chapter officer. To see a list click: DV-NY Officers.

Daugavas Vanagi, sasauksimies!
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