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Latvian Welfare Association, Inc.,


The purpose of the Latvian Welfare Association - Daugavas Vanagi - New York Chapter (DV-NY) are:

  • To provide places and opportunities for Latvians to come together, thus preserving a common Latvian community;
  • To promote and maintain the Latvian nation's unity and moral bearing;
  • To strengthen faith in the Latvian state, human rights and liberty;
  • To secure the enduring freedom and independence of Latvia;
  • To provide support and assistance of various kinds to all Latvians in need, especially to war invalids, orphans, widows, families of Latvian soldiers killed or missing in action, the sick and the elderly;
  • To further the development of Latvian education, youth organizations, and all kinds of cultural endeavors, on which the future of the Latvian nation is based;
  • To honor all soldiers who have fought for Latvia's freedom and independence.

The DV-NY has provided large amounts of aid to former Latvian Legionnaires & national partisans, to the widows of former freedom fighters, to the sick, to large families and to school children in the  USA and Latvia. The DV-NY has donated large sums for the restoration of the Latvian Liberty monument in Riga, for the building of the Brothers' military cemetery in Lestene, in Kurzeme, to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and to many endeavors that further the education of Latvian youth.

The DV-NY organizes functions, commemorations and other activities such as: DV members' evenings; Latvian Legion Day (Mar. 16) & Kurzeme salient remembrance Day (May 8) and Lāčplēšis Day (Nov. 11) commemorations; Novuss tournaments, Christmas celebrations (together with the New York Latvian Society), and various types of concerts, poetry readings, lectures, video showings, and other activities. Many of these functions also serve as fundraisers to provide monies for charitable work. The DV house is also for events organized by other not-for-profit organizations such as the annual Cultural Days in New York which is organized by the Council of American-Latvian Organizations of NY..

The DV-NY Women's Auxiliary Daugavas Vanadzes group provides the catering for DV functions; organizes charity fundraising functions such as the Valentines Day dinner &  Christmas Fair; raffle drawings and flea markets. The Daugavas Vanadzes offer for purchase by the public food and other  products from Latvia. At present the NY Vanadzes group has about 60 members.

Daugavas Vanagu nams Bronksā, ŅujorkāDaugavas Vanagi House in New York

The DV-NY owns and manages the  DV House, in the borough of the Bronx in New York City. In the DV House are several rooms and halls where DV-NY and other organizations'  functions take place, the DV-NY and UBA-BATUN offices, a library, a social club and other rooms. Outside there is an enclosed parking lot. The DV House facilities may be rented for private functions. In the DV House there is also a gallery of paintings being offered for sale. To see photos of the paintings offered for sale click on: DV Paintings for sale. Please visit our DV house page which has the address, travel directions (driving and public transit) and photos of interior rooms: DV House page.

Visit the page "Daugavas Vanagi Latvian Assn New York" on Facebook Facebook.

Latvian Folk Dance Group Jumis

Folk dance group Jumis logoThe Latvian folk dance group Jumis has now come under the wing of the DV-NY. Please visit www.jumis.org .

The DV organization in the USA and Worldwide

The DV-NY, together with other local DV chapters across the USA belong to the Latvian Association Daugavas Vanagi ASV, Inc. (DV-USA). The DV-USA is part of the Daugavas Vanagi Central Board (DV-CV), which unites all the Daugavas Vanagi organizations the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, Western Europe and Latvia.

The DV-NY is a member of the Council of American-Latvian Organizations of New York and of the American Latvian Association (ALA) www.alausa.org

Information about upcoming DV-NY events may be found in the DV-NY Newsletter (DV-Ņujorkā Apkārtrakstā), the Latvian-American newspaper LAIKS and on the New York Latvian Community calendar: www.nylatvian.org (on the site you are now viewing).

Please also visit the DV-USA web site: www.daugavasvanagi.org  and the DV-NY web page: www.nylatvian.org/edvny.php   (which you are now viewing).

Come and join the DV's ranks!

Membership in the Daugavas Vanagi chapter of New York is open to all those you support the goals, ideals and activities of the DV. Voting members are those at least 18 years of age; DV Youth members are those at least 13 years of age; and Vanadzēni (the little Vanagi) are those younger than 13. To be accepted for membership in the DV-NY you must be nominated by at least two DV-NY members in good standing and be approved by the DV-NY board

Membership dues: There is a one-time initiation fee for new members of : $1. DV-USA membership dues are $15 annually or you may become a DV-USA life member for a one-time donation of $150. In addition the DV New York chapter assesses an annual $10 for upkeep of the DV House, irrespective of whether you are an annual or life member of the DV-USA.

All members receive the DV-NY Chapter newsletter DV Ņujorkā Apkārtraksts.

Members also have the option of subscribing to DV Mēnešraksts which is published quarterly by the DV Central Board. Annual subscriptions are $31.

To view a printable membership application, please click: DV Membership application.

Officers of the Daugavas Vanagi chapter in New York

NY Chapter President & Charity coordinator
Imants Kalniņš - Tel. (201) 933-8234, E-mail:  kimants@aol.com

Vice-president & Social club manager
Marģers Pinnis - Tel. (914) 631-5725, E-mail:  pinnis@banet.net

Kārlis Vanags – Tel. (516) 678-3540

Jānis Ērglis – Tel. (845) 837-1180

Women’s Auxiliary President
Marija Lidija Maher - Tel. (908) 277-1251, E-mail:  marijaldm@gmail.com

Membership coordinator
Ludvigs Keggi - Tel. (914) 968-7556, E-mail: luke9@optonline.net 

Information coordinator

Events coordinator
Andris Krūmkalns - Tel. (212) 744-2970, E-mail:  AKrumkalns@aol.com

Sports coordinator

Building manager
Arnolds Avotiņš – Tel. (718) 585-4491

Dr. Vilnis Vīksne – Tel. (718) 220-8191, E-mail: vilnisv@verizon.net 

Audit committee
Kārlis Salmiņš -  Tel. (201) 845-8327, E-mail:  rigaboy611@aol.com

Alvis Šterns - Tel. () , E-pasts: 

Uldis Stepe - Tel. (631) 835-6574, E-pasts: stepins@optonline.net

Tautas deju kopa Jumis / Folk dance group Jumis
Kristīne Varik - Tel. (917) 951-4767, E-mail:  kristinite@earthlink.net  
Andris Krūmkalns - Tel. (212) 744-2970, E-mail:  AKrumkalns@aol.com

DV Emblem
DV Emblem