ALA Ethnographic & Cultural Collection.

ALA Kultūras vērtību krātuveThe American Latvian Association's (ALA) Ethnographic & Cultural Collection used to be located on the third floor of the DV House in the Bronx, NY. It has been moved to the NJ Latvian Center Priedaine in Howell township, near Freehold, NJ. See

The pictures on the page you are now viewing depict the collection in the DV House prior to the move.

The Collection was started in 1977. Its purpose is to collect and preserve Latvian ethnographic and other articles of historic and cultural value. Among these are: national folk costumes, weavings, embroideries, forgings, wicker-works, leather crafts, woodworks, old books, documents, drawings, photographs and  all other articles relating to the life of the Latvian nation from earlier times to the recent past.
ALA Kultūras vērtību krātuveThe collections aim is not only to collect and preserve ethnographic articles, but as a research center for younger generations where one can view ethnographically true and correct fabrics and jewelry. The traditional folk designs may inspire and provide the basis for contemporary crafts and artistic works.

The collection accepts donations of ethnographically correct articles, including fragments of clothing and fabrics. No article is too old or too worn out to be of significance.
ALA Kultūras vērtību krātuveLatvians and other interested persons are invited to support the collection financially. Your donation will help maintain the collection and ensure that it remains a living testimony to the great cultural legacy of the Latvian nation and as an inspiration to future generations.

The collection is a project of the American Latvian Association's (ALA) Latvian Institute and is run by the New York chapter of the Latvian Welfare Association Daugavas Vanagi (DV).

Articles and monetary donations may be sent to the collection's director Mrs. L. Tomass, Telephone (732) 657-8369.
12 Blue Jay Street #B
Cedar Glen West
Manchester NJ 08759-5319